More than four million live  live in Croatia. Nine or ten percent is native. Religions and ethnic groups are linked closely. In big city’s people often speak English or German As well. Also speak Croatian.

Land of Mexico

Most of Mexico lies on a large plateau. A  Plateau is an large area of hight and fairly flat land. Forests slope down to Rolling hills. Sandy Beaches and Wetlands line in costs. North west Baja goes for long Times without rain. The copper canyon The copper canyon is sometimes called barrana del cabre. The Canyons Walls are aged copper And that is how to copper canyon got its name.


Planes are awesome. Planes can be many different sises and shapes. But how do they fly? They cold fly by anything dragons, Squirrels, or even hamsters! Will we ever know how planes fly. Maybe some day planes will be powered by nothing. I still think planes are powered by dragons!